Clay Storer

"I highly recommend you use Clay as part of your team to make your next real estate move!" - Stephanie G.

I have been working with clients in one form or another for more than twenty years. I understand the importance of listening and talking with clients to thoroughly understand their motivations, values, and any other matters that are important to a transaction. Being of service to my clients is my primary focus in each relationship.

I am a licensed real estate professional who has lived and worked in Denver for the past twenty years. I have been acquiring and developing real estate for myself and my partners for the past six years and have successfully completed several multi-family projects in the Sloan’s Lake area. Prior to real estate, I started up and ran several small businesses, ranging from a venture capital funded technology company in the early 2000’s, to more recently a storm restoration company that operated in three states.

As a native of the east coast, (New York-New Jersey area), I attended Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY., where I studied computer science and played lacrosse. I have a nineteen-year-old daughter who attends University of Colorado, Boulder. I live in the Sloan’s Lake area.

Matt S.

I've know Clay Storer for over 17 years. We bonded over our East Cost upbringing and our move to Colorado for its adventure and its great outdoors. Over the years, I've been witness to Clay's admirable character characteristics. Clay is an amazing father to his now University of Colorado sophomore daughter. Clay has been a provider and a role model to his daughter and it shows in the wonderful person that she has become. Clay is also a successful entrepreneur with exceptional negotiation and sales skills. I've seen Clay take his sales and corporate skills from the Telecommunication corporate world and transfer them to successful real estate development here in Denver with the construction of multi unit town homes specifically in the Sloan's Lake neighborhood. Clay's transition to becoming a realtor is a no brainier as he already has the knowledge, skills, and work ethic to make him an asset in the real estate profession.

Lance N.

As a local builder/developer, I've met hundreds of real estate professionals. Clay has been the most effective I've ever met in finding true value opportunities. He'll do whatever it takes to find them. His boots on the ground passion and very personable style serves him well. He will always be my go to guy for all things real estate.

Phil C.

met Clay through a mutual friend more than 10 years ago. Shorty after meeting, we worked together. As colleagues, I experienced a highly competent and knowledgeable professional. He was always extremely personable and attentive when he worked with our customers. He often asked lots of questions so that he was well versed on what the customer expected. He always delivered and followed through with the services that were promised. He is detail oriented and takes a genuine interest in making customers feel that they have been well taken care of. This makes him a tremendous asset to anyone he is engaged to work with. Clay's background in real estate acquisition and development, which allows him to assess construction quality and understand markets and pricing would well serve a prospective buyer or seller of real estate. I found his responsiveness to the particular needs of customers, without losing sight of their goals to be exceptional. He is not someone that put things off or says one thing and does another. He delivers on his promises. In summary, Clay is professional, competent, responsive, knowledgeable, honest and a great asset to his clients. I would recommend him professionally, without reservation.